Antoinette Lawson

Our Founder

Antoinette N. Lawson is the founder and CEO of Women with Voices LLC.  Antoinette's work helps create an enriched learning space through rigorous creative disciplines such as the performing arts.  Ms. Lawson is a native of Bronx, New York and a graduate from the University at Albany in New York, with a degree in Sociology, has self-published her first book entitled, Ten Sure Signs You Are Not Dating 101, which was released in 2005 and eventually became a play in February 2006.  To date, Ms. Lawson's plays continue to tell stories of love, torn families, violence awareness and the psychological aspects and outcomes of such violent events. 

Through collaborative efforts, our theater company and online shop strive to bring change, empowerment and hope on and off stage.  We help you look good and feel confident through your apparel.